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Over 30 Years of Experience

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Couture & Vintage
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Couture garments aren’t just clothes- they are investments.  Protect you haute couture with our fastidious dry cleaning.   Often, couture garments are of mixed-media and require special attention to detail.  Our gentle “green” dry cleaning will ensure that your custom couture wear maintains its integrity.

Our couture is dry cleaned just as we treat a wedding dress. This full cycle simply cradles back and forth, helping prevent broken buttons, missing buttons, loose sequences, etc. We hand finish our couture garments to ensure they look spotless.

Let Swiss Cleaners assist you with all of your couture cleaning- call us today for more information.

Baby Items
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Baby items, such as bumpers, crib linens, baptism gowns, and some clothes need to be dry cleaned to keep them looking new.

For the safety of your baby, you should choose green dry cleaning to keep dangerous chemicals such as perchloroethylene (PERC) out of your baby’s home.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have identified PERC as a probable cause of cancer. You do not want chemicals lingering in your baby’s bumper, crib linens, and clothes.

beddding 1.jpg

The main reason a dry cleaning label is typically found on bedspreads is because of color and fiber filling. Special care is needed because fiber filling may bunch up in a washer forming clumps in the batting as well as pulling and breaking threads. 

Color-fastness in bedspreads is another concern. In some bedspreads, dyes are not stable and a washing machine could case bleeding of color and/or fading or splotching.

Bedspreads should be cleaned at the same time with like bedding pieces. We suggest that matching bed skirts and shams be dry cleaned together. This way any color changes, however minimal, will be uniform.

Image by Fuu J

Suedes and leathers require special expertise for proper care.  Suedes and leathers need to be reconditioned periodically to ensure that suedes don’t fade and that surface wear doesn’t develop on finished leathers due to dryness. Smooth leathers in good condition can be cleaned and re-conditioned and refinish making them look like new again.

In many cases, even a badly stained leather or suede garment can be saved, but each one is different. There are many variables when you factor in the cause of the stain with the different types of leather. Most manufacturers recommend that leather garments be cleaned using professional leather cleaning methods. This ensures that the stain will be treated properly and that the suppleness, color, and finish of the garment are maintained and restored.  

Contact Swiss today for more information on leather cleaning.

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Swiss Cleaners now provides a safe and effective way to clean and refresh your favorite natural wool-lined boots and slippers! You may know them as “UGGs”, “Emu Australia”, “UGLY”, or “RocketDog” among other brand names – and you’ll surely know how comfortable they are in both winter and summer!

Swiss will renew the skin’s essential oils and remove as many spots and stains as possible. The fleecy lining will look and feel fabulous after we finish! The natural skins may feel snug the first time you wear them, but the warmth of your feet will soon re-shape the boots to their familiar, comfortable feel.  Let us help you keep your boots beautiful- contact us today for more information.

Image by Debby Hudson

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and designer brands can cost a fortune. Alterations are an affordable way to give you a custom fit for all of your favorite clothing items. Swiss can handle everything from minor repairs to major adjustments. Zippers, buttons, size adjustments, hems and more – our craftsman can do it all.

Alterations can also bring new life to your favorite outfits.  Tailoring clothing is an eco-friendly way to enhance your wardrobe.   Why buy new clothes when you can add variety with a new hemline or added sparkle?  Go green while saving money by using alterations to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Let Swiss help you with your alterations. Contact us today for more information

Image by Arno Senoner

There’s a common notion that a leather and/or suede purse must be washable because it’s a “natural” product. Yes, when the leather is on the animal, it is in its natural state. After that, nature takes a back seat to elements such as: fashion, style, color and the processing that is involved in the manufacturing of suede and leather.

Image by Joanna Nix-Walkup

Whether you’re attending a gala dinner or a black tie wedding, every woman wants to impress in her best dress.  Let us clean your formal gowns before and after the big night.  We’ll keep your gowns glowing.

Formal gowns are made of lavish fabric, such as such as taffeta, moire, satin, organza, metallic prints, silk, and velvet.  Such delicate formal gowns deserve the gentle touch of green dry cleaning.

Let Swiss help you be the belle of the ball in your gorgeous formal gown- contact us today for more information.

Image by Ruthson Zimmerman

Daily activities can harm your dress shirts.  In particular, the collars and cuffs can start to show wear after only a few wears without proper care.

Our eco-friendly dry cleaning will thoroughly remove stains from perspiration, body oil, and colognes. A freshly pressed and dry cleaned dress shirt is the perfect accompaniment to any suit.  We both launder and dry clean our dress shirts.  Depending on the care label, the fabric, the size, the thickness of the buttons, and also the stains. All dress shirt collars are treated with care. Laundered shirts are washed with soft water so the colors stay bright and the whites stay white. Dry cleaned dress shirts are cleaned in our gentle green earth solution which is non toxic. We hand finish all the dress shirts.


Image by Spacejoy

Walk on over and give your rugs the TLC they deserve with our eco-friendly dry cleaning.  If a spill happens at home, blot the stain carefully, but do not rub.  Our green techniques will have your carpets clean quickly and without harsh chemicals. All rugs are done by hand with soap and water. All rugs are air dried to maintain shape and texture.

Let Ranch help you keep your rugs looking ravishing- contact us today for more information.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

When cleaning antique, french and vintage linens, it is very important to assess each piece before you clean it. Some old fabrics are strong and can survive a hand wash or spin in the washing machine. However, most are more fragile and require a gentle touch. Our green dry cleaning process is a gentle process that many use for their delicate and heirloom antique, french and vintage linens.

Historically, linen and flax were used in french linens as well as those linens from Belgium and other European countries. With the fine attention to quality and detail french and vintage lines possess, it is important to select the proper cleaning process and in many cases the green dry cleaning process is perfect for cleaning your most cherished linens.

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